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My name is Markus Klein. I´m an award-winning fine art photographer from Germany.

I moved to Cape  Town, South Africa because I love to stay in this beautiful country.


I specialize in fine art photography, conceptual photography, fantasy, candid & the

different way of lifestyle photography.I love what I do and I do what I love...

I like to change my clients for an unforgettable moment and photograph them as they always wanted to be or never will be. I try not to make my work as a photographer but more as an artist. I like to think outside the box and provoke a bit in my work.

I try to make the world a little bit more colourful with my pictures.

Everyone who stands in front of my camera has the same look quite good.

But pictures say more than a thousand words.

Take your time and look at my photographs.


Please contact me for any questions, suggestions or exhibitions.


A diamond is imperishable, but a photo is for eternity.




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